Where is the Mirepoix Cooking School located?

The Mirepoix Cooking School is located in Royal Oak at the Holiday Market on S. Main Street. Our classroom is located upstairs above our beautiful specialty market. To get to Mirepoix from the Holiday Market rear parking lot, proceed to the right once you are inside the building. Take the stairs up to the new Holiday Catering area. Once upstairs, continue through the Holiday Catering kitchen through the swinging stainless steel door.

Is the Mirepoix Cooking School a culinary school?

No, the Mirepoix Cooking School is a recreational cooking class program. We offer cooking classes to culinary enthusiasts and the home gourmand. If you are looking for a professional cooking school opportunity, we encourage you to investigate Schoolcraft College and other fine professional culinary programs in the area.

What can I expect when I come to a Mirepoix class?

When coming to a class, you can expect to learn the tricks of the trade and enjoy a delicious meal. Our classes begin with a short orientation and introduction of our staff.

You won’t need to bring anything to class – we provide everything for you. Just come dressed comfortably and within the guidelines of our dress code. For hands-on classes, we will provide you with a chef’s coat and apron. We also provide knives for your use.


I can’t boil water! Is there a class for me?

We have classes to suit everyone. From children’s classes to the building blocks for adults, we have just the right thing for you, and all are offered in a comfortable setting, so they are not intimidating for even the most novice cook. If you have questions about the difficulty of a particular class, please call our concierge to discuss the details of the class you are interested in taking.

Do I have to take Knife Skills before I take other classes?

We strongly encourage everyone to take the Knife Skills class. A knife is the chef’s most important tool – aside from a good palate! This comprehensive class will teach you the basics. Good knife skills are imperative to solid cooking technique.

Should I eat before I come to class?

Our classes celebrate good food and good cooking techniques. At each cooking class, you will enjoy an ample sampling (light meal) where applicable. Exceptions include (but may not be limited to): baking/pastry classes, Wine 101, 102, 103, Cheese classes. We encourage you to have something to eat before you come to these particular classes.

How do I register for classes?

You can register online for classes, in person at Holiday Market (at the Concierge desk), or over the phone or via email. We do not take reservations without payment.

Where can I view the dress code?

View our Dress Code

Why do you ask for a credit card even though I have a gift certificate?

We staff our classes with culinary talent to make your Mirepoix experience the very best it can be. We also want to be sure that we have the appropriate amount of food for each class. We take credit card information with gift certificates & gift card payment (unless you pay in store) to avoid ordering too much food or staffing our classes unnecessarily in the event that you may have to cancel outside of our 7-day cancellation period.

Do you offer private classes or cooking parties?

The Mirepoix Cooking School is the perfect place to host your next event! Whether it’s a private cooking lesson, private cooking party (you and your friends & family), bridal or baby shower, engagement party, alternative bachelor and bachelorette parties, teambuilding events, birthday and anniversary parties – our space can accommodate your group. Call for more information, or click here.

How do I cancel a cooking class?

Login to your account using your username and password and cancel the class you have registered for.

Is the Mirepoix space available for rental?

The Mirepoix space is available for catered events as well. For more information call 248-543-4390 and ask to speak with an event coordinator.

How do I purchase a gift certificate?

Gift certificates are available at every register inside Holiday Market as well as the catering department. You may buy a gift card in any denomination and use it at Holiday Market, or the Mirepoix Cooking School. The catering department on the second floor has Mirepoix Gift certificates that are $69.99 each and are good for every class that we offer. Gift certificates cannot be used downstairs for goods, only classes at the school.