Mirepoix cooks up a great time, every time

Think of Mirepoix as a hands-on culinary school without the commitment. A comfortable environment where you’re taught to think and cook like a professional chef. A premier resource for the home gourmand of any skill level.

But Mirepoix is so much more than a hands-on cooking school. Our state-of-the-art professional kitchen is a warm, welcoming and wonderful space that’s ideal for entertaining or being entertained. It’s the perfect venue for your private event, whether you’re impressing a client or celebrating an anniversary. It’s a social setting where you can mix and mingle with guests while we tackle the cooking and clean up. It’s The Duel, a deliciously different alternative to traditional teambuilding exercises.

No matter what brings you to Mirepoix, we have all the ingredients to help you learn to cook. Click here for a list of all of our classes.